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Fixing Slow Boot in Windows 7

This solution is probably valid for only a handful of people.After the latest Windows 7 updates were applied, I found my computer took over 10 minutes to boot into Windows. It would hang at the “Starting Windows” screen for ages (between 12 and 15 minutes). After (far too much) troubleshooting, the problem turned out to be that I had left an SD card formatted for the Raspberry Pi in the SD Card reader. Removing the card restored boot time to normal. False Paths and Red Herrings While troubeshooting this problem I went down many false paths including:suspecting the recent Windows 7 updates suspecting a virus suspecting a rootkit suspecting some start up process… Read entire article »


Security Weakness in FaceBook Login

Yes, this is posted on April 1st and, no, it is not a April Fool’s joke – except, I hope, on FaceBook’s part, otherwise it represents a serious security weakness in their login protocol.As I logged into FaceBook today, I noticed (too late) that I had caps lock on and expected to be redirected to the Login error / retry page:Instead, I found myself logged in as normal. After playing around with it a little bit, I discovered that if you invert the upper case and lower case letters it will still let you log in. For example, if your password is MySecretPassword and you enter mYsECRETpASSWORD instead, it will still let you log in. It turns out … Read entire article »

Brother HL-3140CW Laser Printer – a Review

This review is written after about one month of using the Brother HL-3140CW laser printer. This is the third laser printer (second colour one) I’ve owned in the past 15 or 16 years (along with a number of inkjet printers and dot matrix printers before that).Summary The Brother HL-3140CW is a very fast printer with excellent print quality. I am very pleased with it and easily recommend it. Print Speed The printer is specified as printing 18 pages per minute in both colour and black and white. It is definitely very close to its advertised print speed. If you are printing a lot of single page documents, then the print speed will be slower, but if you are printing a … Read entire article »

How to Prevent People from Displaying Your Content on Their Web Pages Inside of a Frame

This technique shows how to prevent a web site from displaying your content inside of a frame on their web page. It looks something like this:The section shaded in green is my content being displaying inside someone else’s web site. This is done by putting my content inside a <frame> or <iframe> tag.If you are looking on how to deal with people who have copy and pasted your content on their web site, then see this article.This is easy to prevent, but it requires editing your .htaccess file.Why is this a problem? First, someone else is using your hard work this means a potential loss of traffic to your site.I say “potential loss” of traffic because my … Read entire article »

Replacing the Toner Cartridge in a Brother HL-3140CW Printer

Replacing the toner cartridge in the Brother HL-3140CW laser printer is not difficult, but it is not immediately obvious because the toner and drum assembly are joined together.1) Open the laser printer by lifting the the top part. There are no catches to unlock, so it is easy enough to open:2) Remove the toner cartridge to replace. It will be one of the four cartridges shaded in green. The entire cartridge assembly lifts right out, there are no latches to unlock:What you have in your hands is two pieces – the toner and the drum – even if it looks like just one part:Disassembled, the two parts look like this:The part in blue is the … Read entire article »

WordPress – Can’t Log into your Website

In September 2013, I found myself unable to log into this site. I would be presented the Login screen, enter my User Name and Password and be brought right back to the same screen. Logging in with an incorrect user name or password would result in the familiar “No” shake of the login screen. While this solution worked for me, there may be other reasons why you are not able to log in.Update: 19-November-2013: I once again found myself unable to log in. I tried the various steps indicated on the WordPress site, but none of them worked. The next day, problem went away. So it seems that, at least sometimes, the problem may be with your webhost. I … Read entire article »

Using FLTK with Code::Blocks

FLTK is a easy to use, free GUI library. While Code::Blocks provides a FLTK project option, the problem is that it doesn’t work correctly. This is because Code::Blocks expects the FLTK include directory to be somewhere else. These instructions are for FLTK 1.3.2 and Code::Blocks 12.10 or Code::Blocks 13.12 running on Windows 7. The instructions are probably the same for other version combinations, but no guarantee is made. Assumes you have already built and installed the FLTK libraries.When you try to create a FLTK project using Code::Blocks, after you enter your FLTK directory, you are presented with the following error message:This occurs because the Code::Blocks wizard is pretty stupid and expects header files to be found in a /include … Read entire article »

WordPress Generating Core Dumps

Between 30-August-2013 and 01-September-2013, Complete, Concrete, Concise had its web hosting suspended with a demand that the WordPress installation be deleted. Not wanting to delete my installation and then reinstall (and hopefully restore all data correctly), I investigated.Note: this problem and solution is likely the same for any PHP based application – like Joomla! or Drupal.Symptoms Most likely, your web hosting provider will inform you that your account has been suspended because your WordPress (or other PHP based application) is generating a lot of core dumps and playing havoc with their server. In my case, I was asked to delete my WordPress installation. Alternately, you may notice there are a lot of core.xxxx (xxxx being a four digit … Read entire article »

webpage is not found – ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND while developing Chrome Extension

This problem was observed on Windows 7 with SP1, in which Internet Explorer 10 and Google Chrome are both installed. Even if this is not your setup, it is possible you have a similar problem, but no guarantee is made.While trying out the Google Chrome Extension Getting Started tutorial, I immediately ran into problems with the example app not working. The error message displayed was the following:After a bit of troubleshooting, I discovered the problem was that the file popup.html did not exist – which is exactly what the error message is complaining about. I did have a popup.htm file, though – notice the missing 'l' at the end. After renaming the file, the problem went away and the … Read entire article »

Ubuntu 13.04 – How to Completely Uninstall / Remove the Cinnamon Desktop

These instructions are for Ubuntu 13.04 running the Unity desktop on which Cinnamon was installed using either the Ubuntu Software Center or sudo apt-get on the command line. The instructions may be the same for other versions of Ubuntu, but no guarantee is made.When Cinnamon is installed in Ubuntu 13.04, it installs several packages and libraries it requires. Not all these packages and libraries are uninstalled when you uninstall Cinnamon. Several packages do not get uninstalled. Quick UninstallThis is not recommended because it will remove all packages normally installed with Cinnamon. This may include packages you previously installed or packages previously installed by other applications. Note: this uninstall command assumes Cinnamon was installed on a fresh Ubuntu 13.04.1) … Read entire article »